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About Us.

Our Story

Tanzania Breast Cancer Foundation has been proud to be at the forefront of breast cancer awareness, empowerment and support programmes.

Since 2008, TBCF has run numerous awareness campaigns together with the public sector and private sector.

It has also run empowerment programmes for breast cancer survivors who are living their lives to the fullest after beating the disease. It has also contributed to breast cancer patients directly through monetary support.

We create awareness around breast cancer, and empower and support people affected by it.

Running with a lean full-time team, we would have never achieved all that we set out to do if not for the volunteers, survivors, their families and donors

Our Vision

A country where all women have a chance at beating breast & cervical cancer.

Our Objectives

  • Shift the current state of diagnosis of breast / cervical cancer from its late stages (III – IV) to its earlier stages (0 – II) where the disease is most curable, survival rates are highest and treatment costs are lowest
  • SProvide emotional and financial support to individuals affected by breast and cervical cancer
  • To co-operate and enter into engagements with relevant authorities and similar organizations to enhance outreach
  • trive to unify different organisations that operate a population-based registry with the aim of collaborating the work to establish a National Cancer Registry