About Breast Cancer - Empowerment Programmes

Empowerment Programmes

TBCF was initially set up by a group of breast cancer survivors to provide support and empower other women and individuals affected by the disease. Support and empowerment remains an important service offered by TBCF and the organisation plans to ensure more women, not only those affected by breast cancer, but also cervical cancer, are supported and empowered through our activites.

Various studies have shown that women and other affected individuals suffer from emmense emotional and psychological trauma caused by cancer and are not able to access emotional support or counselling services, particulartly in African countries such as Tanzania with low income communities. Many women in Tanzania also tend to suffer in silence due to social stigma.

Additionally, due to financial constraints and poor health care facilities, many women are not able to access proper medical care for screening and early detection as well as after treatment care and palliative care.

TBCF shall set up a survivorship programme and provide the following under this pillar:


Information, emotional support and financial support is provided to patients and survivors to support and empower them.


A patient fund that supports patients and survivors with medical costs and after surgery care for those in need


Set up trained volunteers who are survivors as well as counseling groups in various areas to provide emotional support.

Charity Shop

Launch a charity shop where donated clothes will be sold at affordable prices and all proceeds to go towards the patient fund.


Empowering events for patients and survivors such as cooking events, nutrition awareness events and others.